About the South Sudan Project


Locator Map ThumbnailForeign Missionaries were ordered out of Sudan as early as 1963 while the Church was in its infancy. Left in the missionaries' place were many poorly trained local church leaders. In 1955 a civil war began that lasted until 1972. In 1983 a civil war began when the Government of Sudan tried to impose Islamic laws on the non-Muslim population. The war intensified in 1989 as a more radical Islamic government came to power in Sudan. From 1983-2005 over 2 million people were killed with over 5 million Sudanese displaced. In 2011 the Republic of South Sudan gained its independence from Sudan. In December, 2013 another civil war began in South Sudan.

Our Goal

The South Sudan Project’s goal is to fulfill the Great Commission as outlined by Jesus in Matthew 28:18-20 in Southern Sudan and the Borderlands and Refugee Camps of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. To achieve this goal, our southern Sudanese evangelists will be teaching people how to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Additionally, we will be feeding the hungry, taking care of orphans and vulnerable children, and providing humanitarian help as needed. Our current focus is to truck in food from Kampala, Uganda to Yei, South Sudan to feed the hungry.

Photo - Crowd awaits JESUS Film
A crowd gathers in anticipation of
a showing of the JESUS Film

Visit this page for a message from the Sudan Project Director, Bishop Elias Taban.