The South Sudan Project
Current Projects That Need Funding

Follow-up reports will be sent to all donors that give donations of $1,500 or more. These follow-up reports, depending on the project funded, could include photos, geographical area involved, number of people helped, language and tribal group involved. For large donations finances will be clearly accounted for in the report. [More information regarding contributions to these ministries is available here.]

Active current projects include (all amounts are $US):

Photo - Sudanese boys await the JESUS File showing...Feed the Hungry – We are currently focusing on feeding the hungry in South Sudan. Your gift of $5 will feed one person for one month. We are trucking in primarily corn flour which is a staple in the local diet. We need funding of $45,000 per month. This will purchase about 75 metric tons of food per month.

Click here for reports on completed projects.