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Completed Projects
Food Distribution Trip – Yei, Tore, Lainya; Yei River County, South Sudan

From April 2014 through August 2016 we have delivered 17 truckloads of food containing 219.3 tons of food.  

In Lainya there has been fighting and tens of thousands of people displaced. 14 children reportedly died of starvation in Lainya in the summer of 2016.

In Tore refugees have been fleeing the fighting in Mundri. In Tore many people fled the fighting with only the clothes that they were wearing. From Tore we were able to bring back a woman who was dying in child birth.  Both mother and child lived. 

In Yei the population has not been able to afford enough food due to the rapid decrease in the South Sudanese pound.  Many of the population were forced to pick wild mangoes and walk to the bush to scavenge for bush rats and other wild food or walk to rural villages.

Then in 2016 all roads to Yei were blocked by rebel activity and most of the summer harvest was lost due to farmers fleeing the fighting.

During the period of April, 2014 through August, 2016 we have fed approximately 22,000 people for one month.

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