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Completed Projects
Evangelism and Discipleship Training Trip – Minyori, Logo, Pisak, Goli, Lukupiri, Kadila, Larumba, Kundru, Sudan

In March, 2008 Pastor Marcelo Lumori and his 9 person evangelism team traveled northwest to Minyori, Logo, Pisak, Goli, Lukupiri, Kadila, Larumba, and Kundru, Sudan. The team left Yei, Sudan on March 10 and returned on April 11.

The results of what God did through the evangelism team are listed below:

Village Indicated Decisions For Christ
Minyori 1,600
Logo 800
Pisak 1,500
Goli 500
Lukupiri 3,700
Kadila 4,050
Larumba 3,600
Kundru 2,100
Total 17,850

Approximately 65% of the new believers had been animists and 5% were Muslims. The JESUS Film was shown in the Kakwa and Lingala languages to mainly the Kakwa, Mundu, and Avokaya tribes. Follow-up of the new believers will be handled by the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, the Episcopal Church of Sudan, and the Sudan Pentecostal Church. A total of 200 bibles were distributed in the Bari language.

Discipleship training was conducted using the following verses: Psalm 68:3; Psalm 107:42; Matthew 5:11; Luke 6:23; Romans 5:3.

Photos from the Trip

Photo from trip
Above: Both sides of the screen show the JESUS Film
Below: Children hear the Gospel
Photo from trip

Photo from trip
Above: Crowds gather before the JESUS Film showing
Below: Showing the JESUS Film
Photo from trip

Below: New believers gather the day after
Photo from trip

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