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Completed Projects
Evangelism Trip – Leiko-Rumu, Bazi, Aju, Gbira, Ridia, Kaliga, Iri, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

In September, 2007 Evangelist Charles Ngota and his 9 person evangelism team traveled south to Leiko-Rumu, Bazi, Aju, Gbira, Ridia, Kaliga, and Iri, DRC. The team left Yei, Sudan on September 17 and returned on October 20.

The results of what God did through the evangelism team are listed below:

Village Indicated Decisions For Christ
Leiko-Rumu & 3 nearby villages 8,500
Bazi 3,000
Aju 6,800
Gbira 3,900
Ridia 2,600
Kaliga 5,000
Iri 1,800
Total 31,600

Approximately 60% of the new believers had been animists, and 10% had been Muslims. The JESUS Film was shown in the Lingala and Kakwa languages to the Kakwa and Kaliko tribes. Follow-up of the new believers will be handled by the Pentecostal Church of the Congo, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church and the Community Evangelical Church of the Congo (CECA). Three new churches were planted in Aju, Gbira, and Ridia. A total of 400 bibles were distributed in the Lingala language. The team reported that many people were healed of various diseases after members of the team prayed for them.

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