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Completed Projects
Evangelism Trip – Kiryandongo & Biyale Refugee Camps, Uganda

In February, 2005 Pastor Samuel Amule and his 11 person evangelism team traveled southeast to the Kiryandongo and Biyale Sudanese refugee camps in Uganda. The team left Yei, Sudan on February 15 and returned on March 5.

The results of what God did through the evangelism team are listed below:

Camp Indicated Decisions
for Christ
Biyale Camp 1 1,300
Biyale Camp 2 650
Biyale Camp 3 2,000
Kiryandongo Camp 1 430
Kiryandongo Camp 2 3,400
Kiryandongo Camp 3 1,800
Kiryandongo Camp 4 1,200
Total 10,780

Approximately 40% of the new believers had been animists, and 1% had been Muslims. The JESUS Film was shown in the Acholi, Kakwa, and Madi languages to mainly the Acholi, Madi, Kakwa, Bari, and Pojulu tribes.

One new Presbyterian church was planted in Biyale Camp 1. Follow-up of the new believers will be handled by the new Presbyterian church, the Pentecostal Church, and the Church of Uganda. A total of 450 bibles were distributed with 200 bibles in Acholi, 100 in Madi, and 150 in English.

The team was warmly received by both Sudanese and Ugandans.

Below are some photos from this trip:

Photo - Children in Biyala await a JESUS Film showing
Children in Biyale await a JESUS Film showing

Photo - Evangelists sing before a showing
Our evangelists sing before a JESUS Film showing

Photo - People await a film showing in Kiryandongo
People await a showing in Kiryandongo

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