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Completed Projects
Evangelism and Discipleship Training Trip – Rumbek Outskirts, Sudan

In December, 2004 Bishop Elias Taban and his 5 person evangelism team traveled northwest to Rumbek, Sudan. The team left Yei, Sudan on December 9 and returned on December 16.

During this evangelism trip 2,400 people indicated decisions for Christ in the outskirts of Rumbek. Approximately 60% of the new believers had been animists, and 10% had been Muslims. The JESUS Film was shown in the Dinka language to the Dinka, Nuer, and Balanda tribes. Follow-up of the new believers will be handled by the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, the Episcopal Church of Sudan, and the Sudan Pentecostal Church. A total of 300 bibles were distributed in the Dinka language.

Bishop Taban taught from Corinthians and Timothy during this trip. Most of the discussion was on marriage. Bishop Taban met with the elders from three separate churches that were previously planted by our evangelism teams (Rumbek, Cueibet, and Abirieu). For the large area around Rumbek, Bishop Taban estimates that 80% of the people who made decisions for Christ in our previous evangelism trips are still following Christ.

Because of time considerations, the six person team was flown roundtrip from Yei to Rumbek using MAF.

Photos from this trip:

Photo - Bishop Taban's wife meets with Pastor Moses and his sister
Bishop Taban's wife, Anngrace, meets
Pastor Moses and his sister in Rumbek

Photo - Church members greet team at Rumbek airstrip
Church members greet Bishop Taban's
team at the Rumbek airstrip

Photo - Sudanese currency
Sudanese pound notes
being used in Rumbek

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