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Completed Projects
Evangelism Trip – Mpodit, Mvolo, Majok, Aguran, Minikolome, Aluakluak, Lari, Pakeri, Sudan

In October, 2004 Pastor Jackson Yemba and his 14 person evangelism team traveled north to Mpodit, Mvolo, Majok, Aguran, Minikolome, Aluakluak, Lari, and Pakeri, Sudan. The team left Yei, Sudan on October 15 and returned on November 24.

The results of what God did through the evangelism team are listed below:

Town Indicated Decisions
for Christ
Mpodit 1,700
Mvolo 3,500
Majok 2,500
Aguran 2,000
Minikolome 1,800
Aluakluak 900
Lari 890
Pakeri 750
Total 14,040

Approximately 65% of the new believers had been animists, and 15% had been Muslims. The JESUS Film was shown in the Moru and Dinka languages to the Moru and Dinka tribes. Two new Presbyterian churches were planted in Aguran and Majok. Follow-up of the new believers will be handled by the new Presbyterian churches, the Episcopal Church of Sudan, and the Sudan Pentecostal Church. A total of 500 bibles were distributed with 200 bibles in Dinka and 300 bibles Moru.

Our team has been challenged by people living in small villages along the way to our destinations. Some of the people in the small villages traveled to larger villages to see the JESUS film. These people have told our team that Jesus would not bypass any villages, so our team must follow Jesus’ example and bring the JESUS film to their village.

The chief of one town listed above was a strong believer in witchcraft, but he was saved during a JESUS film showing. He said he will not practice witchcraft anymore, and if he hears of anyone practicing witchcraft in his village, he will put them in prison. During this trip, many people received healings from different kinds of sicknesses including people delivered from demons.

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