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Completed Projects
Evangelism Trip – Nadiangere, Nagume, Li Rangu, Sudan

In April, 2004 Bishop Elias Taban, his wife Rev. Anngrace, and their five person evangelism team traveled 400 miles to the northwest to Li Rangu, Nagume, and Nadiangere, Sudan. The team left Yei, Sudan on April 13 and returned on April 21. The JESUS Film was shown during this trip in the Zande language. A total of 5,400 people indicated decisions for Christ.

The results of what God did through the evangelism team are listed below:

Nadiangere (3 different locations)
Li Rangu

The people of this area of Sudan are marginalized and somewhat isolated from the rest of Sudan. This area is not located along any major routes, and the road that exists is very bad. Bishop Taban’s vehicle was the first vehicle ever seen by children as old as 18 years old. Many of the people laughed at the evangelism team when they told them there was one God and that He created everything. Most people believe there are many gods. These people believe that they must sacrifice animal blood offerings to the spirits of dead people. The people believe they have to sacrifice to these spirits because these spirits have the power to heal and kill them if they don’t sacrifice to them. The people also thought that white men came with their religion to fight Islam and that is why there is war. The team told them that the white men are our brothers and are praying for us and supporting us with their money, so the team can preach Christ to the Sudanese people. The people were amazed to see Jesus in the film speaking their own language. They were also amazed that the evangelism team shared their food with them. Approximately 60% of the new believers had been animists, and 15% had been Muslims. The Nzande, Balanda, and Dogo tribes were reached during this trip.

One new Presbyterian church was started in the outskirts of Nadiangere. Churches involved in followup of the new believers will be the new Presbyterian church, and the ECS. The evangelism team distributed 1,750 bibles in Li Rangu, Nabama, Nagume, and Nadiangere. Also, 250 bibles were sent to Ezo through the ECS in Yambio. All these bibles were in the Zande language.

Photos from this trip:

Photo - Distributing Bibles in Nabama
Distributing Bibles in Nabama

Photo - Fuel loaded for the trip
200 liters of fuel is loaded for the trip

Photo - Tire blowout near Nadiangere
A blowout near Nadiangere

Photo - Bishop Taban and translator
Bishop Taban's words are translated

Photo - Benjamin and another team member in tent
Benjamin and another team member

Photo - Church Registration of Decisions for Christ in Li Rangu
Church Registration of Decisions
for Christ in Li Rangu

Photo - Distributing Bibles to elders in Nadiangere
Distributing Bibles to
elders in Nadiangere

Photo - Giving Bibles to pastors in Nadiangere
Giving Bibles to pastors in Nadiangere

Photo - JESUS Film team members
JESUS Film team members

Photo - Lullu Oil (Sea Nut) trees
Lullu Oil (Sea Nut) trees

Photo - Mangoes in Yambio
Mangoes in Yambio

Photo - Clearing trees from road to Nadiangere
The team clears trees to
travel to Nadiangere

Photo - Registration of decisions for Christ in Nadiangere
Registration of decisions for
Christ in Nadiangere

Photo - Flooded road
Flooded road

Photo - Watching the JESUS Film
Watching the JESUS Film

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