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Completed Projects
Evangelism Trip – Gwawele, Bitima, Dungu, Mandara, Kpele, Naingara, DRC

In April, 2004 Pastor Manoah Alimasi and his 12 person evangelism team traveled 2 days west to Gwawele, Bitima, Dungu, Mandara, Kpele, and Naingara, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The team left Yei, Sudan on April 22 and returned on May 21. The JESUS Film was shown in the Lingala language. During this evangelism trip a total of 13,680 people indicated they received Christ. These decisions occurred in the following locations:

Locations Decisions
Bitima 1,380
Gwawele 2,000
Dungu 1,800
Mandara 3,500
Kpele 750
Naingara 4,250
Total 13,680

Approximately 60% of the new believers had been animists. The Bazande, Mulendu, and Logo tribes were primarily reached during this trip. The Zande people in the DRC are also known as the Bazande.

Two new Presbyterian churches were planted in Bitima and Gwawele. Regarding follow-up, the new believers were handed over to the Community Evangelical Church of the Congo, the Pentecostal Church of Congo, and the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. The evangelism team distributed 600 bibles. Three hundred bibles were in the Lingala language, and 300 bibles were in the Zande language.

Photos from this trip:

Photo - Congolese children
Congolese children

Photo - Buying fruit at village "market"
Evangelism team members buy fruit

Photo - Congolese village life
Life in a Congolese village

Photo - Congolese magician
A Congolese magician accepts Christ

Photo - JESUS Film showing
Villagers watch a showing of the JESUS Film

Photo - New believers being registered
New believers are registered in a
church the next day

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