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Completed Projects
Evangelism Trip – Nyori, Lasu, and Mitika, Sudan

In March, 2004 Bishop Taban, his 10 person evangelism team, and a team from Stonegate Fellowship Church (a Southern Baptist Church in Midland, Texas) traveled to Nyori, Lasu, and Mitika, Sudan. The team left Yei, Sudan on March 24 and returned on March 27. The JESUS Film was shown during this trip in the Bari language. A total of 3,050 people indicated decisions for Christ.

The results of what God did through the evangelism team are listed below:


Approximately 35% of the new believers had been animists. The Kakwa and Kaliko tribes were reached during this trip. The team from Midland took hundreds of pictures and hours of videotape. The people of the villages were extremely friendly to us, but few people spoke English. The villagers through interpreters listed many needs to us including education, clean water, grinding machines, medical help, and better roads. In Lasu one older man said it was the first time a white person had come to their village. In Nyori it was the first time a white person had visited since 1955. The Midland team estimated that less than 1% of the people have Bibles. Most of the people had not heard or understood the gospel before they saw the JESUS Film. Most people assumed they were Christians because they had been given a Christian name at birth. Joseph Dada, an ECS evangelist in Lasu, estimated the literacy rate at 30% for Lasu. Joseph said very few people in this area were saved before our evangelism trip. Midland team leader Stan Fikes noted that the population of the Mitika area was 7,742 (from village leaders) and that there were 800 indicated decisions for Christ. This meant that 10% of the total population made decisions for Christ. For Lasu and Nyori the population was approximately 7,000 (an exact count was not available) with 2,250 decisions for Christ. This meant 32% of the total population made decisions for Christ.

Churches involved in followup will be the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC), the Episcopal Church of Sudan (ECS), the Sudan Pentecostal Church (SPC), and the evangelical Catholic Church. The evangelism team distributed 90 Bibles in the Bari language.

The breakdown of expenditures for this evangelism trip is as follows:

First Aid $10
Fuel for the Truck and one Motorcycle $80
Pay for Truck Driver $45
Pay for the Evangelists $180
Food and accommodations for Evangelists $300
90 Bari language Bibles $450
Donations $150
TOTAL $1,215

Photos from this trip:

Photo - People celebrate before the JESUS Film
Villagers celebrate before a showing
of the JESUS Film

Photo - Vernon Burger teaching in Lasu, Sudan
Vernon Burger teaches in Lasu

Photo - Film equipment problem
Solving an equipment problem at a
JESUS Film showing in Nyori

Photo - Watching the JESUS Film in Nyori
A crowd watches the JESUS Film in Nyori

Photo - Decisions for Christ after Nyori showing
After the Nyori showing, many people
made decisions for Christ

Photo - Believers registering in churches
Believers register in the church of their choice

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