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Completed Projects
Evangelism and Discipleship Training Trip – Lainya, Kagwada, Kalipapa, Bereka, Wonduruba, Sudan

In February, 2004 Pastor Jackson Yemba and his 9 person evangelism team traveled to Lainya, Kagwada, Kalipapa, Bereka, and Wonduruba, Sudan. The team left Yei, Sudan on February 16 and returned on March 6. The team spent most of their time in discipleship training. Local church leaders were also involved in this training. Also, a significant amount of time was spent on evangelism. The Jesus Film was shown during this trip in the Bari language. A total of 7,800 people indicated decisions for Christ. Approximately 30% of the new believers had been animists and 2% had been Muslims. The Bari and Pojulu tribes were reached during this trip.

The team reports that the new church in Kagwada is doing very well under Evangelist Peter Lado. The church requests that one bicycle be purchased for him. Other churches involved in followup of new believers are the ECS, and SPC. The evangelism team distributed 600 Bibles in the Bari language, which was 120 Bibles for each village.

One man who was saved during the JESUS Film admitted he had been digging up graves and removing the teeth of the dead for witchcraft purposes. Many people had been wondering who was doing such an evil thing in the community. This man has repented of his sins and decided to follow Jesus.

The breakdown of expenditures for this evangelism trip is as follows:

First Aid $10
Fuel for the Truck $150
Pay for Truck Driver $45
Pay for the Evangelists (10 x $30) $300
Food for villagers and accommodations for Evangelists $2,000
600 Bari language Bibles $3,000
TOTAL $5,505

Food costs were much higher than normal because we fed everyone who came to the trainings. We needed to feed them because they walked long distances to come to the trainings and had nothing to eat.

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