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Completed Projects
Evangelism Trip – Kajo Keji, Livolo, Ajio, Sudan

In December, 2003 Pastor John Taban Felex and his 9 person evangelism team traveled east in Sudan to Kajo Keji, Livolo, Ajio, and other nearby villages. The team left Yei, Sudan on December 8 and returned on December 22. The people of this area warmly welcomed the team and many people were healed after prayer. During this trip the JESUS Film was shown in the Bari language. A total of 4,200 people indicated decisions for Christ with 2,000 decisions in Ajio, 1,700 in Livolo, and 500 in Kajo Keji. Approximately 40% of the new believers had been animists. The Kuku tribe was primarily reached during this trip.

One new Presbyterian church was planted in Ajio. Regarding follow-up, the new believers were handed over to the Episcopal Church of Sudan and the new Presbyterian church. The evangelism team distributed 500 bibles in the Bari language to born again believers who could read.

The breakdown of expenditures for this evangelism trip is as follows:

Medicine $10
Fuel for the Truck $200
Pay for Truck Driver $45
Pay for the Evangelists (10 x $30) $300
Christmas Bonus for 10 Evangelists $500
Food and accommodations for Evangelists $850
500 Bari language Bibles $2,500
TOTAL $4,405

Photos from this trip:

Photo - Crowd watches JESUS Film showing
Above - Crowd watches JESUS Film showing

Photo - Supporters and team
Above - Group photo of the two
Kajo Keji area teams and supporters

Below - A crowd watches the JESUS Film
Photo - Crowd watching JESUS Film

Photo - Crowd reacts to JESUS Film
Above - The crowd reacts to Jesus
performing miracles in the film

Below - The crowd watches the JESUS
Film from both sides of screen
Photo - Crowd watches film from both sides of screen

Photo - The team receives soap made from tree seed as gifts
Above - Soap made from tree seed
is given to the evangelism teams.

Below: Some people bring chairs to
watch the JESUS Film
Photo - Some people brought their own chairs to the showing

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