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Completed Projects
Evangelism Trip – Loka, Sudan

In June, 2003 Evangelist Manoah Alimasi and his 4 person evangelism team traveled 27 miles northeast to Loka, Sudan. The team left Yei, Sudan on June 9 and returned on June 14. The JESUS Film was shown in the Bari language. During this evangelism trip a total of 1,900 people were born again as new believers in Jesus. Approximately 30% of the new believers had been animists. The Pojulu tribe was primarily reached during this trip.

Regarding follow-up, most of the new believers were handed over to the Episcopal Church of Sudan. Also one new Presbyterian church will be planted in August during a follow-up trip. The evangelism team distributed 100 bibles in the Bari language to born again believers who could read.

The breakdown of expenditures for this evangelism trip are as follows:

Medicine $10
Fuel for the Truck $75
Pay for Truck Driver $25
Pay for the Evangelists $100
Food and accommodations for Evangelists $300
100 Bari language Bibles $500
TOTAL $1,010

Photos from this trip:

Photo - Team prepares for film showingPhoto - Early arrivals for film showing

Above, Left - The Team prepares for a showing of the JESUS Film.
Above, Right - Women and children arrive two hours early for the showing.

Below, Left - The crowd views an indoor showing of the JESUS Film.
Below, Right - A picture of the film screen during the showing.

Photo - Crowd watches indoor film showingPhoto - Picture of screen during showing

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