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Completed Projects
Evangelism Training Trip – Yambio, Sudan

In January, 2003 a 9 person evangelism team traveled to Yambio, Sudan. Five of the evangelists were from Bishop Taban’s evangelism team, and 4 of the evangelists were with the African Inland Church. Bishop Taban did not go on this trip. The team left from Yei, Sudan on January 18 and returned on February 1. This trip was primarily an evangelism training trip for some of the people who were born again during the 2002 Yambio evangelism trip. The training trip was limited to participants who could read. During the trip 185 people were trained in evangelism and discipleship of new believers. Then, the 185 newly trained evangelists went on home visits and participated in person to person evangelism. As a result of this person to person evangelism 1,420 people were born again as new believers in Jesus. The JESUS Film was not shown during this trip as we only have one set of projection equipment that was already being used. Approximately 35% of the new believers had been animists and 10% had been Muslims. The Zande tribe was reached during this trip.

Regarding follow-up, 55% of the new believers were handed over to the African Inland Church, and 45% were handed over to the Episcopal Church of Sudan. The evangelism team distributed 50 Bibles in the Zande language to church leaders, pastors, teachers, and evangelists.

The breakdown of expenditures for this evangelism trip is as follows:

Fuel for the Truck $220
Pay for Truck Driver (the truck was not ours) Free
Pay for the Evangelists (9 x $20) $180
Food and accommodations (10 including truck driver) $500
50 Bibles in the Zande language $250
TOTAL $1,150

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