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Completed Projects
Local Evangelism Outreach - Yei, Sudan

On December 22-24, 2002 Bishop Taban and his 16 person evangelism team showed the JESUS Film in Yei, Sudan. The JESUS Film was shown in the center of Yei on the football grounds from 7-9 pm. The JESUS Film was shown in the Arabic language. After the shows on December 22-23, 318 people were born again. On Christmas Eve several churches helped publicize the show and many of their members beat drums and marched to the show site. All this activity attracted approximately 20,000 people to the Christmas Eve JESUS Film showing. On Christmas Eve 6,815 were born again. This brings the three day total to 7,133 people who were born again as new believers in Jesus. Of the new believers 35% had been animists and 9% had been Muslims before they trusted in Christ.

Five of the nine denominations in Yei participated in this outreach. The new believers joined one of the following denominations: Episcopal, Presbyterian, Church of God, Gospel Apostolic, or the Pentecostal Churches of Sudan.

The breakdown of costs for this outreach is listed below:

Fuel $100
Pay for 16 Evangelists $160
Total $260

Also, we recently purchased a better sound system for $800 to handle larger crowds. Finally, we had to purchase a large used MAN lorry truck for $10,000 to carry all of our equipment and evangelists.

Photos from this trip:

Photo - Church women marching to film showingPhoto - Part of crowd at film showing
Above, left: A group of church women march
to the JESUS Film showing.
Part of the crowd of 20,000 gathered
to see the JESUS Film

Below: Church congregations marching together
to see the JESUS Film
Photo - Churches marching to the showing

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