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Completed Projects
Local Evangelism Outreach - Yei, Sudan
Dinka Bor Church

In November 2002 Bishop Taban and his evangelism team traveled across town to the ECS Dinka Bor Church to show the Jesus Film in the Dinka South Central language. There are about 6,000 displaced Dinkas living in and around Yei, which is in southern Sudan. After the Jesus Film was shown, the entire crowd of about 1,000 people accepted Christ. The Gospel message was clearly presented to them. It is not known how many of these people were rededicating their lives to Christ and how many were newly born again as new believers in Jesus. The fuel cost for this trip was about $10. Also, Bishop Taban distributed 200 Bibles in the Dinka language. These Bibles cost $1,000.

Photos from this trip:

Photo - Arrival at Dinka Bor ChurchPhoto - Crowd watching JESUS Film

Above, left: The team arrives at the Dinka Bor church.
Standing room only crowd at showing of JESUS Film

Below, left: Woman holding cross at JESUS Film showing.
Nine members of the Evangelism Team
Photo - Woman holding cross at JESUS Film showingPhoto - Evangelism Team Members

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