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Completed Projects
Evangelism Trip – Kisagani, Sudan

In November, 2002 Bishop Taban and his 3 person evangelism team traveled to one of the villages outside of Yei. The village is called Kisagani. The team spent 2 days in Kisagani. Since there is no road that can be traveled by a vehicle, the team used bicycles to travel to Kisagani. The evangelism team showed the JESUS Film and 118 people were born again as new believers in Jesus. A new Presbyterian church was planted with 72 of the new believers. In January Evangelist Jackson Yemba will be sent from Yei to Kisagani to take care of the new church. The remainder of the new believers joined the Episcopal Church in the area. The breakdown of costs for this Evangelism trip is listed below:

Pay for 3 Evangelists ($10 per Evangelist/day) $60
Food and accommodations $50
60 Bibles in the Bari language $300
TOTAL $410

Photos from this trip:

Photo - Group of saved people
Above - Group of saved people on the
day following the JESUS Film

Below - Villagers wave goodbye to
the JESUS Film Evangelists
Photo - Waving goodbye to JESUS Film Team

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