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Completed Projects
Evangelism Trip – Bazi, Sudan

In November, 2002 Bishop Taban, his wife, and their 15 person evangelism team traveled 38 miles to Bazi, Sudan. The team left from Yei, Sudan and returned 7 days later. Bazi is located at the Sudan, Uganda, and Democratic Republic of the Congo borders. Where these three countries come together is also known locally as the “triangle.” Bazi has a population of approximately 15,000 people. The JESUS Film was shown daily to large crowds. The estimated total number of people who saw the JESUS Film was 6,000 and 2,350 people were born again as new believers in Jesus. Approximately 60% of the new believers had been animists and 15% had been Muslims. The tribes reached were the Lugbara, Kaliko (Bishop Taban’s tribe), and Kakwa. Regarding follow-up, Bishop Taban will plant a new church in Bazi with 700 of the people who were born again. Two members of the evangelism team will stay in Bazi until Christmas to start the new church. One member of the team will move to Bazi by the middle of January to take care of the new congregation. About 1,000 of the new believers will join the Episcopal Church and about 650 will join the Pentecostal church in the area. The evangelism team distributed 400 Bibles in the Bari language to those new believers who can read Bari.

The breakdown of costs for this Evangelism trip is listed below:

Fuel for the Generator $20
Fuel for the Truck $100
Pay for the 15 Evangelists ($20 per person) $300
Food and Accommodations for 17 People at 7$ Per Day for 7 Days $833
400 Bibles in the Bari language $2,000
Follow-up evangelism expenditures:     
Food and Accommodations for 2 Evangelists at $7/Day for 21 Days in December   $294
TOTAL $3,547

Photos from this trip:

Below: Bishop Taban with crowd
gathered to see the JESUS Film.
Photo - Bishop Taban and JESUS Film crowd

Below: The 18 evangelists
gather for a group photo.
Photo - Group of evangelists

Below: The evangelists were greeted
by a women's choir.
Photo - Women's choir

Below: A youth group sang for the
crowd waiting to view the JESUS Film.
Photo - Youth singers and musicians

Below: Part of the crowd in Bazi
gathering to see the JESUS Film.
Photo - Crowd at JESUS Film showing

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