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Completed Projects
Local Evangelism Outreach - Yei, Sudan

In October, 2002 Bishop Taban and his evangelism team did evangelism outreaches to Dinka families living around Yei. These Dinka families are displaced refugees from the battle areas. Several outreaches were made using the Jesus Film. The Jesus Film was shown in the Arabic language. About 100 people were born again as a result of these outreaches. Some of these newly born again believers have joined Bishop Taban’s church in Yei.

These Dinka refugees are in need of food and blankets. We are praying that the Lord will lead someone to provide funds for this need.

Photos from this trip:

Photo - Church services for displaced Dinkas
Above: Church services for displaced Dinka families.

Below: Displaced Dinka elders
Photo - Displaced Dinka elders
Photo - Displaced Dinka elders

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