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Completed Projects
Evangelism Trip – Village of Ombasi, Sudan

In October, 2002 Bishop Taban, and his five person evangelism team traveled approximately 18 miles to the town of Ombasi, Sudan. The population of Ombasi is approximately 6,000 people. The Episcopal Church of Sudan Ombasi Parish invited Bishop Taban to travel to Ombasi and show the JESUS Film. The people of Ombasi are mainly from the Kakwa tribe with some from the Kaliko tribe that speak Kaliko. The team spent two days in Ombasi. During the Evangelism trip, the JESUS Film was shown in the Kakwa language. The film was shown outside the church compound because the crowds could not fit in the church building. The film was shown for two evenings. The total number of people who were born again was 300. All of these new believers were enrolled in the Episcopal Church.

The total cost for this trip was $80. The $80 was used for fuel for Bishop Taban’s vehicle and his generator. The cost of the trip was minimal because the evangelism team was provided with free food and accommodations.

Below: Part of the crowd gathered
for the Ombasi showing of the JESUS Film
Photo - Crowd gathers for JESUS Film showing at Ombasi

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