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Completed Projects
Evangelism Trip – Aba, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

In September of 2002 Bishop Taban, his wife, and his twenty-two person Evangelism team traveled to the city of Aba as a follow-up to our July Aba trip. The team was in Aba for five days. The tribes reached during this trip were the Mundu, Logo and Kakwa. During the trip the Jesus Film was shown once a day for four days to large crowds in the Lingala language. The team worked primarily with the Community Evangelical Church of the Congo (CECA). However, 45 Congolese pastors and evangelists from various denominations assisted our team. Our local DRC coordinator for the Evangelism trip was Evangelist Samuel Binima. He was assigned by the CECA to work for Bishop Taban in the DRC Evangelism trips. Approximately 25,000 people saw the Jesus Film and 13,000 were born again as new believers in Jesus Christ. Prior to accepting Christ 55% of the new believers had been Animists and 10% had been Muslims. The new believers were handed over to three local denominations.

The new believers are counted as follows:

Every Sunday the churches have Sunday School for the new believers. As follow-up to the 4,200 new believers who accepted Christ in our July Aba Evangelism trip, almost all of these new believers have continued in Christian growth with the denomination that they selected in July. Evangelist Binima will ride his bicycle from the DRC to Yei, Sudan with reports from the churches in Congo about the growth of these new believers. His primary responsibility will be to monitor the follow-up of the new believers from the three denominations.

The breakdown of costs for this Evangelism trip is listed below:

Fuel (Gasoline) $100
Pay to 22 Sudanese Evangelists ($10 per Evangelist) $220
Pay to Evangelist Binima $ 20
Three bicycles for follow-up Evangelists $300
Food and accommodations $360
200 Bibles in the Lingala language $1,000
TOTAL $2,000

Of the three bicycles, one was given to Evangelist Binima (see photo below), one will be given to another CECA evangelist, and one was given to Evangelist Joseph Likambo with the Pentecostal Church.

Photo - Evangelist Binima with new bicycle

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