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Completed Projects
Evangelism Trip - Limuro & Yaribe, Sudan

In August, 2002 Bishop Taban, his wife and their four person evangelism team traveled approximately 60 km to the villages of Yaribe and Limuro in Sudan. These villages are 15 km apart and the population of both villages together is approximately 5,000 people. Before the trip there were no churches in Yaribe, and there was one Episcopal Church in Limuro. The team spent three days in these two villages. During the Evangelism trip, the Jesus Film was shown in the Kakwa language. All of the people in the two villages speak Kakwa. The total number of people who were born again was 315. In Yaribe 215 people were born again and in Limuro 100 people were born again. Bishop Taban started a new Presbyterian church in Yaribe with 215 of the people who received Christ. The other 100 people that were saved in Limuro were enrolled as members of the Episcopal Church in Limuro. The total cost for this trip was $200. The cost of the trip was minimal because the evangelism team was provided with free food and accommodations by the villagers. Fifty bibles were also given out to villagers. These bibles were paid for by the Presbyterian Church in Yei, Sudan.

Photos from this trip:

Bishop Taban handing out 50 bibles to villagers.

This is a photo showing bicycles that the more well-to-do
use to travel to the JESUS Film showing and the church service.

A portion of the crowd at the planting of
the new Presbyterian Church in Yaribe.

Two men explaining the Gospel in greater detail after the
JESUS Film showing and before the invitation to accept Christ.

Part of the crowd gathered for the JESUS Film showing.

A new Presbyterian church was planted under a
tree in Yaribe. The new church consists of 215
people who were saved during this evangelism trip.

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