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Completed Projects
Evangelism Trip - Aba and Faradje, Democratic Republic of the Congo

In July 2002 Bishop Taban, his wife, and their eighteen person Evangelism team traveled in two trucks to the cities of Aba and Faradje (65 km from Aba) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The team carried the slogan of “Reaching Congo for Christ.” The team worked with the cooperation of the Community Evangelical Church of Congo. The team stayed in the DRC for two weeks. The tribes reached during the trip were the Logo, Mundu and Kakwa. The Jesus Film, which was shown on most days of the trip, was shown in French and was translated into Lingala which is the common national spoken language of the DRC. During the trip 4,200 people in Aba and 2,900 people in Faradje were born again as new believers in Jesus Christ. The total number of people who were born again in this Evangelism trip was 7,100. Approximately 40% of the people who made decisions for Christ had been Animists (spirit worshipers). Approximately 70% of the people in this area can read. The breakdown of costs for the trip is listed below:

Food and accommodations $700
Truck expenses for two trucks $700
Support for the eighteen evangelists $360
100 Bibles in the Lingala language $500
100 Bibles in the Kakwa language $500
Donation to the women’s church ministry in Aba $200
Second hand clothing for 50 children $500
Gifts to children to distribute candy $10
    Total Cost $3,470

All the new believers in Jesus were handed over to the three Evangelical churches in the area. Also, we have a one week follow-up trip planned in late August. Additional follow-up needs for Aba and Faradje are listed below:

Five bicycles for five evangelists $700
Budget to begin a children’s ministry $500
200 more Bibles in the Lingala language $1,000

Photos from this trip:

Above: Bishop Taban's wife Ann Grace gives
sweets to children after dressing them in new clothing.

Below: Two Congolese women pose with
Ann Grace (middle).

Above: Bishop Taban (third from left) poses
with Congolese rebel soldiers.

Below: Bishop Taban chats with children in the village.

Above: Children carrying chairs for the Evangelism Team

Below: A crowd gathers to watch the JESUS Film.

Above: Another crowd awaits the next
showing of the JESUS Film.

Below: Bishop Taban (third from right) gives Bibles i
the Lingala and Kakwa languages to area Pastors.

Above: Bishop Taban preaches during a Sunday
service at a local Pentecostal church.

Below: Bishop Taban prays with
newly-born again villagers.

Above: Congolese rebel soldiers hold a banner with
the Evangelism Team's slogan, "Reaching Congo For Christ."

Below: A group of Congolese women

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