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Completed Projects
Evangelism Trip – Juba County, Sudan

In June of 2002 Bishop Taban and his ten person Evangelism team traveled to Juba County, Sudan. The team stayed in Juba County for one week. The tribes reached during the Juba trip were the Bari, Nyaguara, and Pojulu. These three tribes speak the Bari language. The JESUS Film was shown three times. It was shown in Arabic and translated into Bari. 2,800 people were saved during these three JESUS Film showings. Among the saved were 60 SPLA soldiers who walked 15 miles from the front lines to view the JESUS Film.

A three day follow-up trip is planned to baptize by immersion 200 Muslims and Animists who were saved. An evangelist from Yei will be posted in this area to specifically handle these 200 people. It is anticipated that one new church will be planted. Follow-up for the rest of the new believers was handed over to the local Episcopal church. Two evangelists will head the follow-up for the Episcopal church. During the trip 250 Bibles in the Bari language were distributed. Also, twenty naked children were clothed.

The breakdown of costs for the trip are listed below:

Fuel $200
Support for 10 Evangelists $200
Food $150
Clothing for children $75
250 Bibles in the Bari language $1,250
    Total Cost $1,875

The team slept on the mud, cow dung church floor with mats and blankets, so there were no guest house costs. The food costs include $40 which was given to some poor mothers to cook for the team. The team identified a great need for additional Bibles. 1,500 Bibles in the Bari language and at least 500 Bibles in Arabic are greatly needed.

Photos from this trip:

Cartons of Bibles are carried to a Juba County village

Above and below: Distribution of Bibles

The man on the left and the woman on the right
are SPLA soldiers, shown here with their new Bibles.

Above: These are born-again SPLA officers
with their new Bibles.

Below are two soldiers, also both saved.

Not only were spiritual needs met on this trip,
but also physical needs. Here, children are being
given new clothes.

Above: More children receive clothing.

Below: Newly-clothed children of a Juba County village.

Above: The evangelism team.

Below: The projector and screen are being
readied for a showing of the JESUS Film.

Above: These ladies cooked the
food for the evangelism team.

Below: A women's Bible study
group enjoys the new Bibles.

SPLA soldiers read their new Bibles while manning
an anti-aircraft gun. Note the carton of Bible
in the foreground.

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