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Completed Projects
Evangelism Trip - Rumbek, Sudan

In April 2002 Bishop Taban and his Evangelism team drove 100 miles North of Yei, Sudan to the town of Rumbek, Sudan. Rumbek is about 50 miles from the battle lines. It took two days to drive to Rumbek. The Evangelism team spent four days in Rumbek. It took two days to travel back to Yei. The team showed the Jesus film and 700 people accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. The JESUS Film was shown in Arabic with someone translating it to the crowd in their native Dinka language. Bishop Taban also preached to over 500 people in an Episcopalian Church. The total cost of this trip is estimated to have been $700.

Photos from this trip:

A laptop computer and a multimedia
projector were used to show the JESUS Film.

Children came in big numbers to
see the JESUS Film in Rumbek.

People sitting under a big tree waiting
for the JESUS Film in Rumbek.

These Dinka women were born again and
were being counseled by Rev. Anngrace
after the showing of the JESUS Film.

This SPLA senior officer was born again
after seeing the JESUS Film in Rumbek.

Seven hundred people were born again
after seeing the JESUS Film!

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