About BASIC Ministries International

Brothers And Sisters In Christ (BASIC) Ministries is an organization that is seeking how God would use us to fulfill the Great Commission and stand with our persecuted Brothers And Sisters In Christ. BASIC Ministries is based in Dallas, Texas. In 2001 Basic Ministries was actively involved in organizing and coordinating the International Day of Prayer For the Persecuted Church (IDOP) in Midland, Texas which served as the first ever “Host City” for the IDOP. BASIC Ministries has assisted other Sudanese relief ministries such as Irving Bible Church, Water is BASIC, and HIS Voice Global. You can learn more about these and other similar ministries by visiting our Links page.

In April 2002 we began a partnership project, The South Sudan Project, with Bishop Elias Taban, based in Yei, Sudan. The area we work in includes South Sudan, and the borderlands of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This ministry is unique in the following respects:

  1. We have very low overhead. Outside of our target area all of our workers are volunteers. We pay no office rent anywhere. The little overhead we have is paid by an anonymous donor.

  2. Our partners, Bishop Taban and his team of evangelists, are located on site in Africa. They know the area communities because they are members of the area communities. They know the area languages because they are native speakers of the area languages.

Our partnership with our Brothers And Sisters In Christ is empowered by the Holy Spirit and the vision to bring hope – eternal hope through the Gospel – to this part of the world that has suffered so much and will continue to suffer without Christ.

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